Self-organized Changes based on TOC – Open for Everyone

There is so much powerful knowledge about how to bring systems and people to a state of flow. But until now it has not been available for everyone and was yet hard to apply. BlueDolphin is finally here to change that!
With an easy to use, self-organized approach we enable you to perform or support significant changes in your company. Scale your project throughput up to 150% and more – in 50% less time. GET HEAD START lachlan-dempsey-sTclPXTDcXo-unsplash-scaled
Lots of Know-how to Guide You Safely
The Change Process with BlueDolphin

We’ve packed our whole experience about changes of the last 15 years into straight forward templates. Step by step – from start to end – just easy as it sounds. From identifying your constraint to implementing a more productive form of flow. Depending on your field of business, currently two available templates but there will be much more Future.


Agile Team / Single Project

You have a team or project you want to bring to the agile world?
Go for this. Grafik_Template-B

Agile Multi Project Portfolio

Not just one project but a whole bunch of them? Or you are already agile and want to power it up for projects.
Challenging but possible – Go for this.

This is just the start. In future, we will bring further templates for specific fields like production, sales or accounting. Just stay in touch.

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